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The Fan Favorite Zine

Editor and Project Manager
A successfully Kickstarter-funded zine for Masks: A New Generation by Magpie Games, an all-ages Tablet Top Role Playing Game. This zine sourced the amazingly talented Masks RPG community to support, create, and distribute an product that showcases the many stories of fans, players, story-tellers, artists, and game-masters. 

The Zine includes fanart, articles, additional moves, one-shot modules, and new playbooks. All our contributors were paid near-market rate for their work, and our cover artist and editor were also hired for this project. We were fully funded and given the ability to pay our writers, artists, and all those involved in production!

The Search for Manoa

Forthcoming, The Gauntlet: Codex
A Monster of the Week adventure set in 1805 Guyana. Adventurers seek out the fabled city of Manoa and Lake Parine. They will start the journey south, into the rainforest, from the new city of George-town and encounter psychological and physical danger from the forest and other treasure hunters.

Playing with Identity: TTRPGs and the Queer Power of Self-Definition

Panel Moderator, FlameCon 2019
Playfulness defines the queer experience. We are constantly playing with binaries, expectations, stereotypes, culture, and society. We reclaim, remake, and transform. Whether within the bounds of a game or just in our personal lives, queer people toy with the world.

Role-playing Games allow for playfulness without real-world consequence or commitment. So often in our day-to-day lives, our authentic experience is limited by the pressures of dominant culture. Table Top RPGs make space for queer people to transform dominant culture into something that not only accepts queer people, but expects them.

This panel will discuss how queer play can allow for safe and fluid exploration of identity, creation of a new version of culture, and dive into the importance of queer-led game spaces and queer-created games.

Murder on the Rainbow Bridge

A Marvel’s Thor-themed Murder Mystery Party, including story design, character packets, information, moves, and items.