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Sam Wilson, Where Did You Go? - Four-episode Podcast


Sam Wilson, Where Did You Go?

A four-episode fan-podcast following Sam Wilson after he has become and given up Captain America’s shield. A look at politics, race relations, urban issues, and violent authority figures, this podcast dealt with big problems in an easy-to-understand format. With a cast of 32 (including my father and brother), written, edited, and produced in 6 months, this podcast remains one of my favorite works.


Sam Wilson is Captain America...or he was.

Margot and Rikki host The Breakout Hour, a morning superhero news talkshow based in NYC. When they air Sam Wilson's resignation on their station, they receive a response they never expected. They get calls in from all over New York and even get an interview with Misty Knight. The two reporters cover real issues that plague superheroes; vigilantism, oversight, social justice, the "real" police force, and most of all, what do superheroes owe society? What does society owe superheroes?

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Episode One | Resignation

After Sam Wilson gives up the shield, what happens to the citizens of New York? Rikki and Margot, two radio show hosts, field questions and offer their own opinions on Superheroes, Vigilantes, and what it means to have power.


Episode Two | The Response

Rikki and Margot have struck a nerve in New York City. They go into the heart of the matter and discuss service, hope, race, and the response people had to Sam Wilson. What made him so special anyway?

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Episode Three | The Interview

Misty Knight comes into the studio to talk to Rikki and Margot. She answers questions about Sam Wilson, the Americops, and the justice people can hope to see in New York. Will she be the one to take up the shield?


Episode Four | The Resolution

Even critical voices get airtime. Rikki and Margot talk about the negative opinions, and examine more closely how money and power intersect. At the end, they get a surprise caller.

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