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Historical Fantasy Romance, 25 pages

After a young woman in the 19th century takes over her father’s lighthouse on a desolate Nova Scotia island, she gets swept up in a romance with a mysterious seal woman and must decide where she truly belongs.

Notes: Entry to the WeScreenplay’s Short Screenplay competition. Current semifinalist. Final results forthcoming. 


Horror, 9 pages
While driving, a young woman is followed by a man who reminds her of her abusive father, causing her to seek refuge in a run down motel. 

Notes: Part of the horror anthology “We Are Not Safe Here” chosen for Script Shadow’s Amateur of the Week competition.


SciFi, 10 pages
A woman must travel back to the spaceship crash that almost ended her life, protecting her past self despite not knowing the exact details of how she is supposed to ensure her survival.

The Beast of Nan Madol 

Fantasy, 10 pages
A pair of twins must bargain with a vicious and mercurial sea god in order to protect their island home against an inevitable invasion.


Comedy, 13 pages
A young man finds an engagement ring at a garage sale but his girlfriend refuses to become his fiance with another woman’s ring.

Do Better

Dramedy, 3 pages
Two bridesmaids talk about the bride at her wedding, both unlucky and annoyed about love. 

Notes: Won the Arc Studio Pro Short Screenwriting Contest

The Cut-Out

Thriller, 6 pages
When a young woman has a disassociative episode, her girlfriend plays along until the illusions become too real.


Text Witch

Dramedy, 51 pages
Two teenage girls, just trying to survive high school, acquire emoji-based magic, causing problems at school and at home, and challenging the power structures of the local coven.


The Hound

Drama, 108 pages, co-written with Mandy Szewczuk
A retelling of the Cattle Raid of Cooley, two young queer men on opposite sides of Ireland's Troubles must navigate the tangled faction allegiances, family ties, and the community politicians that threaten their relationship.